Our Process


PEPCO Inc. started producing durable science and art tables for schools in 1989. We pride ourselves in offering a quality product with a 15 year warranty. We sell factory direct and through specialized dealers to ensure a competitive price - and the best value for your unique application. Over the years, we have expanded our experience and expertise so that we can envision, design, build and install nearly any type of classroom furnishing or configuration you can conceive of. Not sure exactly what you want or need? Talk to our designers and let us help you round out your vision of what's possible.

At PEPCO we work hard to stay ahead of our business growth curve. This helps us stay on time and on budget for our customers. Our recent plant expansion and the addition of computer-controlled machines to fabricate table tops and frames has cut lead times. This means our customers received their orders faster.

With the expansion of our capability as the updated facility has gone online, we have diversified wood operations to include casework furniture production for science and art including lab service islands, peninsulas, casework, mobile labs, and storage cabinets. Whatever you can dream up for better utilization of your classroom space, we can make it a reality.

PEPCO tables and furnishings are crafted from only the finest materials available. Built in the USA by an all American workforce, our furniture is testimony to proud American traditions of hard work and craftsmanship. Our lean manufacturing techniques allow us to provide high-quality products at a true value price to our customers -- schools and educational organizations trying to do the most important work there is within limited budgets.

We also strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible, using local products and vendors whenever possible. We utilize geothermal heating of our plant and facilities and are always mindful to minimize waste. We guarantee that our products will have the lowest life-cycle cost in our industry.



All of our materials are sourced here in the USA. We're proud to do our part to contribute to the growth of our nation’s economy. But more importantly, sourcing our materials in the United States ultimately results in a more durable, trustworthy product for our customers. Foreign sourced materials are not reliably held to any consistent standards, bringing quality into question. We insist on only providing the best for our customers.



The manufacturing process begins with the cutting phase. Just as our products are 100% domestically sourced, our manufacturing operations are also based entirely within the United States. Different learning environments require fixtures of varying shapes and sizes. Every piece of wood, metal, etc. that goes into our science classroom and art school tables are precision-cut to meet the individual needs of our customers.



Next comes the gluing and binding phase of our process. This step is critical to ensure that we deliver on our goal of providing the toughest, most long-lasting educational furniture in the world. The structural integrity of the tables relies on the gluing and binding phase, which is exactly why we've got our manufacturing process down to a science.



Our art and science tables are the toughest in the industry. But that doesn't mean they can’t be beautiful! This phase is dedicated to sanding, polishing, cleaning, and finishing every inch of every component of your classroom or science lab table. Education professionals love our classroom tables for their attractive design and timeless look. Our quality finishing is the reason for that.



Our manufacturing process has become so streamlined over the years that we now have the capability to manufacture our tables at an average of 4 minutes. Once the manufacturing process is finished, it's time to pack and ship the furniture. At this time our customer service team contacts our client to arrange for a coordinated delivery.



To better serve our customers scattered across the country, we offer quick, efficient, and affordable delivery services. Our experienced delivery professionals give our customers peace of mind knowing that their newly-purchased lab equipment will arrive on-time and in peak condition. We package our tables in a way where they can be easily assembled on the pallet, and all you have to do is attach the legs with the provided materials.



We work with clients spanning every budget size. Our more budget-conscious customers may choose to install our classroom art tables, science lab tables, or school furniture themselves. However, we do offer professional installation service for customers wanting to have their tables installed and ready to go. With all installs, our furniture is leveled, cleaned, and all packing debris hauled away leaving our clients location better than we found it.